Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville is still considering potential use
of the CDS, so I would be especially interested in the responses you get to your
questions -- if you're willing and not overwhelmed by sharing!

Currently we fill out the surveys in hard copy. We do NOT, however, respond to
any questions for which we don't already have the data prepared. And if the
question is similar but not specifically the same as what we have, we give them
what we have and note precisely what we have given them and how it differs from
what they requested. There are not usually too many questions for which we
don't have some type of response.

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On Wed, 27 Aug 1997, DDAVISVA@acs.carleton.edu wrote:
>If there are institutions represented on this list who have placed, or will be
>placing, their CDS data/responses on a web site, might you drop me a note (an
>e-note will be fine!) to this effect. I would also be interested to know if
>you will then be directing some, many, or all furhter survey inquiries that
>request data prodived by the CDS to your CDS website, or will you still fill
>out such surveys in hardcopy.
>Many thanks. (e-mail address is below.)
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