The whole concept of schools using their resources to slice and dice
data and feed it to a for-profit agency for resale is absurd. Our
desire (institutional-not mine personally) to see our school's name in
print and hopefully favorably reviewed has diverted our focus from
meaningful research and recommendations that would improve the

I agree that a standard cds for graduate and undergraduate would
be great. However, the publishers add on their own twists. An
example is the Peterson's undergraduate financial aid survey where
they want academic group scholarships ranked and amounts
computed and a number of other new - outside the cds - questions.

Until we can convince the upper level administrators that the efforts
we put into the data gathering we have to do for the never-ending
string of surveys is counter-productive, we will have to continue
answering these surveys. Perhaps we should include in our
entering student surveys a question about the publications and their
impact on the decision - making process they went through? It
might reveal some startling facts.

Roger Vick
Director, Student Financial Aid
Louisiana Tech University
voice 318-257-2022
fax 318-257-2628