I do the same thing here at St. Mary's, except I usually have to spend quite a bit of time working with the Graduate office beforehand and in checking their work after . . . too much work for too little "profit" in my opinion. I'm advising the President that for St. Mary's, which is primarily an undergraduate institution and where virtually all of our graduate students are PT local area folks, that this doesn't justify the labor.


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Jack, I enlist the cooperation of an administrator in the graduate dean's office, who does the bulk of the work.  Her comments RE your message follow:

I just received the annual CGS/GRE survey of grad enrollment too and they've amended their deadline. They want the report back by mid-January! Most universities in the country are coming to the end of the fall semester, the holidays, and then the beginning of new semester, and they want the report by mid-January. What a joke!! On top of that, the annual NSF grad survey is coming and you can't use any of the numbers from the CGS/GRE survey for that report since NSF wants everyone counted by the type of financial support they receive. NSF has also changed their deadline. I haven't received it yet, but they want it back by the end of January. That will be impossible. Just when you think it can't get any worst, the Peterson's arrives -- February! --- when universities across the country are trying to concentrate on graduate admissions decisions/offers/visits.

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I am curious whether any of you are also responsible for completion of surveys at the graduate level at your institution. Yesterday I received the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS/GRE) survey, roughly 60 pages broken down by disciplines that do not even correspond to the CIP codes. Soon I will receive the dreaded Peterson's monster graduate survey, a 75-page survey printed on 11x17 paper with a font that requires a microscope. And there are many others at the graduate level that will soon cross my desk, each time asking similar questions but in a slightly different array/format.
I realize that graduate education is different, and often so decentralized as to require that surveys be sent to individual academic departments for completion. But has there ever been any move to develop a common data set for graduate education? This is getting ridiculous.
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