Let me join the chorus. You can now appreciate more why the CDS was
developed. The IR Office at Temple has to do all of the surveys.
CGS/GRE is really one of the less obnoxious ones. Peterson's is a
monster that I need to go to the departments to complete. They take one
look at it and ignore completing the information. The worst by far is
NSF Graduate Survey. The real problem is converting to their taxonomy.
I have suggested to them several times that it may be better for them to
ask us to respond using CIP codes and for them to translate the CIP
codes to their taxonomy than to have all of us spend our time converting
to their taxonomy. You can see where my suggestion has gotten me/us.

>>> mahonj@rpi.edu 12/05/02 09:00AM >>>
I am curious whether any of you are also responsible for completion of
surveys at the graduate level at your institution. Yesterday I
the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS/GRE) survey, roughly 60 pages
broken down by disciplines that do not even correspond to the CIP
Soon I will receive the dreaded Peterson's monster graduate survey, a
75-page survey printed on 11x17 paper with a font that requires a
microscope. And there are many others at the graduate level that will
soon cross my desk, each time asking similar questions but in a
different array/format.

I realize that graduate education is different, and often so
decentralized as to require that surveys be sent to individual
departments for completion. But has there ever been any move to
a common data set for graduate education? This is getting ridiculous.

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