What is scary in reading the threads of this discussion is the apparent impotence of we IR people to make any real impact on the purveyors of our data. Besides complaining to each other, wouldn't it be more fun just to go out on strike?

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Ridiculous is right!  Most of these surveys start coming in immediately after the fall semester begins long before we are able to even get the data. And now all of these graduate surveys with deadlines that are impossible to meet. I too found that the CIP codes were not mating on the CGS/GRE survey which will involve more work trying to piece it all together. It seems like there should be something we can do to get ourselves out of the hole that these companies are putting us in. They seem to think that we have nothing more to do than meet their unrealistic deadlines. Any suggestions?


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I am curious whether any of you are also responsible for completion of surveys at the graduate level at your institution. Yesterday I received the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS/GRE) survey, roughly 60 pages broken down by disciplines that do not even correspond to the CIP codes. Soon I will receive the dreaded Peterson's monster graduate survey, a 75-page survey printed on 11x17 paper with a font that requires a microscope. And there are many others at the graduate level that will soon cross my desk, each time asking similar questions but in a slightly different array/format.


I realize that graduate education is different, and often so decentralized as to require that surveys be sent to individual academic departments for completion. But has there ever been any move to develop a common data set for graduate education? This is getting ridiculous.



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