Just a few thoughts on all this survey talk.
Several years ago the Dean of Admissions here sent me several articles about how students choose a college.  The studies
indicated that most students choose a college because their parents went there or their siblings went there or their friends
are going to go there or it's close to home or they have a great football team, etc.  Only after they have chosen a college do
they look for information about that college.  The guidebooks don't aid in the choice; they only provide information after the
choice has been made.  The Dean also informed me that we couldn't stop responding to the surveys even in light of the
research findings.  (That particular Dean of Admissions is no longer the Dean here, but that has nothing to do with all of
At one point-in-time I can see how the admissions guidebooks may have been useful, but with electronic access to so much
information, I'm not sure anymore.  Students who want to find out about schools can go on-line.  Most schools have their own
sites with much more information than guidebook sites provide.  Which leads to another thought.  Why can't the for-profit
admissions guidebook publications get their information from our sites?  They could hire the proper staff to go on-line and
get everything from the institutions' websites.  If some institutions don't have exactly what they want, then tough.  Go with
what you can get that's already published and accessible.  Or maybe they could set up their sites with links to every
college site out there, so prospective students look through the list and choose.  Hmmm, no profit there.  Well, they could
probably figure something out.
Personally, I like the suggestion that we go on strike.
And no, I don't have references to the articles mentioned above.  I'll look for them in between filling out all these &%$*
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Ridiculous is right!  Most of these surveys start coming in immediately after the fall semester begins long before we are able to even get the data. And now all of these graduate surveys with deadlines that are impossible to meet. I too found that the CIP codes were not mating on the CGS/GRE survey which will involve more work trying to piece it all together. It seems like there should be something we can do to get ourselves out of the hole that these companies are putting us in. They seem to think that we have nothing more to do than meet their unrealistic deadlines. Any suggestions?


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