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Apologies in advance – this item does not directly pertain to the cds. 


La Sierra University is a private comprehensive university with an enrollment of approximately 1500 undergraduate and 300 graduate students.  I am developing a campus wide process to determine, by program or department, ideal levels of student enrollment, faculty and support staffing, and other “typical” kinds of support.  This effort seeks to optimize activity levels across campus to best allocate and manage human, space, and financial resources.  It will inform our budgeting process and identify areas where operational efficiency might be improved upon.


Do any of you have any experience or expertise in this kind of an effort, including:


-         A framework, procedure, or general template used to collect data relevant to the above questions from department heads and directors?

-         References to useful case studies (including your own process)?

-         Suggestions on where I might find either of the above?


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance,


Nate Brandstater, M.B.A., Ph.D.

Assistant Vice President

Academic Administration and Support

La Sierra University

Riverside, CA  92515

(909) 785-2141 (office)




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