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*Subject: Obnoxious Surveys: Really obnoxious? Or do we lack
*feedback mechanisms?
*Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 12:50:50 -0500
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and others....

Small point I haven't seen anyone raise yet. Yes, Guidebook surveys are
obnoxious because they create work for us so someone else can make money.
And YES, the purpose is to make money, or they wouldn't do it.

U S News does have value in the amount of information they have provided
over the years; we use it as a source, because it contains easily findable
information on schools that you simply can't get as easily, elsewhere (COOL
isn't EASY). While I do object to paying for what we provide, even if it is
a small amount, there is a little more to it than that, in that they (USN)
do have to go to some work and cost to provide the information back to us.
Yes, they (Guidebooks) make money, and the bottom line, for me, is that
without our cooperation, they couldn't get the information they use to make
the money from the Guidebooks. So they should be paying us. The least they
can do is provide a book back, and some do. But not all.

And I do think we are fortunate to have Bob Morse. He has possibly
responsible for, arguably of course, as much as anyone else to try to get
people on the same page with reporting. Sure, it might have been done
without U S News, but he has been in the front of the effort to get
comparable information reported consistently. And, in a way, his success has
spawned a whole host of remoras that got us the CDS. Anyone want to argue
with the value of the CDS? And I go back to the days its Daddy, the Standard
Survey Response, and credit Bob Daly, among others for that.

So, yes, I wish Bob would go away, but unless he takes everyone else with
him, he's welcome to stay as far as I'm concerned. He's responsive, and I
think, concerned with accuracy of reporting. It could be much worse. Bob or
his staff has answered all of our inquiries, and provided correction when

John M. Kalb
Director, Institutional Research
Budget & Analysis Dept - 1360
(850) 644-1786