I gave up trying to print it when I completed the survey. My complaint is
not being able to print out my finished copy.

Not good planning on the part of College Board!


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1. College Board survey


Subject: College Board survey
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Well today I printed the College Board survey! It took 1hr 20min and is 122
pages. If I had
had more major fields it would have been longer. I printed it after being
informed that there
would be no fix this year to allow the printing of the complete survey in
one operation. I sent
the College Board an email telling them how long it took to print the survey
and how many
pages printed. And I suggested that they consider putting a PDF file on
their Web site with the
complete survey, so that it could be printed more easily. THEN I got a
response telling me
that sometime next week they plan to post a PDF file of the complete survey
that can be
printed!!! It will be about 90 pages long!

All that to say...If you haven't already printed the College Board survey,
you may want to
WAIT until they get the PDF file on their Web site.



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