On 06/15/04, "Pamela Mcclellan-haws <haws@uta.edu>" wrote:

> Please don't reply to ABrady's email by hitting the Reply button
> -- it goes to the whole CDS listserv and fills up everyone's
> inbox with Spam! Please reply to him directly.
> Thanks,
> Pam Haws

At LAST!!!!

Please folks: The person who posted the initial email to the list hasn't
any idea of how his "spam ender" software works.

Anything that you or I send to this list will be distributed via list's own
email servers. Thus, all he had to do was make sure that anything from
<cds@cb1nyo.cblist.org> was cleared to go through, and he wouldn't have had
everybody in the known world sending him email responses and cluttering up
our inboxes in the interim.

I'm really sorry, but I'm really getting fed up with this list. I hate
getting 70 pages of HTML code instead of a readable email. This list is
ostensibly supposed to convey important information that we need about the
CDS and other surveys. Well, I can't extract information from 70 pages of
html coding that my text-based email server cannot parse. It's all visual
noise to me.

Same thing with people who either refuse or don't have any idea how to trim
their posts. You don't need to include all 17 previous emails and their
individual signature blocks, etc. -- cut the parts you're not responding
to, and only include the parts that are relevant.

If you're logged in at the College Board site, like I am now, all you have
to do is make sure you click the box in front of "quote message in reply"
before you click the "reply to message button." Then select and delete all
extraneous text and keep the part you're responding directly to.

If you're in your own email program, it's even easier to select the
extraneous text and delete it, then type in your response.

Please, email etiquette exists for a reason! It's to facilitate
communication, reduce frustration, and reduce waste of bandwidth. If you're
not familiar with the preferred "netiquette," ask somebody!

</rant off>

Stephany Moore
New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology
Socorro, NM 87801