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I took the IPEDS definition to mean 2-year schools, although I may be wrong.   I don't know about other schools, but we do not get good transfer out info from our students or the NSC, so unfortunately transfer-outs appear in the attrition numbers along with drop-outs.
If someone has a way to track and capture this information, and/or another take on the instructions of "could count," I'd be interested in that information as well.
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In calculating 4 to 6 year graduation rates in the past, I have not included transfer-out students in my headcounts. I have been asked however to look into whether I should be. In reviewing the IPEDS GRS definition, it does mention that the rate could include those who transfer to other institutions if transfer is part of the institution's mission, which it is. So I would like to know if any of you are including transfers who completed programs of study at another institution. Thanks.
Phyllis Streeter
Saint Xavier University
Chicago, Illinois