Good point. I thought the discussion was about transfers-out.


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Carol and others,

My understanding is that FERPA applies only to students who enroll at an
institution. One could supply an SSN if the student has never attended.
For example, we are formulating a request to obtain information on
students whom we admitted, but who did not enroll. I believe we can
submit SSN's. We will examine this thoroughly ourselves, but thought I
would mention this to the list serve.


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transfer outs

FERPA does not allow the use of SSN or any other student identification
number for the purpose of tracking students to other institutions in the
Clearinghouse database. Only directory information can be used.

Carol Fuller
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Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but anytime I've used the
clearinghouse, I've never sent SSN's they are not required to use
their services. The only identifying information they require is
first, middle and last name as well as DOB and last date of
attendance. There is an optional field where an institution can
in their own identifying information, and I understand that some
institutions do put SSN in there, but I have not. I usually put
their program code or their local campus ID. Also I've never
to pay the 12 cents per student. Maybe because we are submitting
information to them on our students?

I also do think it's valuable to collect information on our
transfers, even if we are not 'in the business' of preparing
to transfer (we offer both 2 and 4 year degrees, so we do keep
track). I think one reason it's important is in terms of knowing
and understanding where our withdrawing students are transferring
We all have to deal with attrition (that ugly word!), and if we
a significant group of students leaving our institution and
at another institution for a specific program, that gives us a
as to what we might need to think about in future program
Just my humble thoughts...

Jennifer Gray
Director of Institutional Research
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There are major FERPA issues in using the Clearinghouse for
purpose of tracking students who may have transferred to, or
graduated from another institution, if you submit more than
directory information for this purpose (such as SSNs). The
Clearinghouse website has letters from the U.S. Department
Education that explain this.

Carol Fuller
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which is almost $800 a year for us, will track your
students by SS#. we don't do it, but my boss is often

Susan Cardwell
Midwestern State University
Wichita Falls, TX

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I took the IPEDS definition to mean 2-year
although I may be wrong. I don't know about
schools, but we do not get good transfer out
from our students or the NSC, so unfortunately
transfer-outs appear in the attrition numbers
with drop-outs.

If someone has a way to track and capture this
information, and/or another take on the
instructions of "could count," I'd be interested
that information as well.

Diane Petruccio, Director
Institutional Research
Ursuline College
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From: Phyllis Streeter
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In calculating 4 to 6 year graduation
in the past, I have not included
students in my headcounts. I have been
however to look into whether I should be.
reviewing the IPEDS GRS definition, it
mention that the rate could include those
transfer to other institutions if transfer
part of the institution's mission, which
is. So I would like to know if any of you
including transfers who completed programs
study at another institution. Thanks.

Phyllis Streeter
Saint Xavier University
Chicago, Illinois