I am interested in how other schools calculate their average ACT and SAT for the CDS. We accept either the ACT or the SAT for admission. Some students take both tests and send both scores. If two ACT or SAT scores are submitted, the highest score is used (we use the highest combined score and do not split scores and take the highest verbal and math) While both scores may meet our minimum, the higher score is the "score of record".


My specific question is, if a student has taken both tests, which score is used in calculating their average? For instance, if a student scored a 17 on the ACT but a 1420 on the SAT would both scores be included in their respective average or only the highest? Our admissions office argues that the student would never be admitted with a 17 ACT, but they would be admitted and considered for scholarship with the 1420 SAT, and, therefore, the ACT should not be considered in the average since it was not used as a basis for admissions. Likewise, if a student submits two SAT scores, we would only use the highest one in our average, so is it acceptable to only use the highest of the SAT or ACT submitted?


For those schools that use only the higher of the two in calculating their average, which score is used when the ACT and SAT scores are "equivalent"?





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