Hi,RE: the ongoing debate re ease of use of the CDS...The late Frank Antinoro in the IR office here at the University of Arizonawas involved well over a decade ago in the work that went into creating thecurrent Common Data Set - an instrument with flaws perhaps but a vastimprovement over the previous situation where IR offices had to handlenumerous idiosyncratic surveys on a case by case basis. We owe a debt toall those from not only academic institutions but also national surveyoffices who worked to put the CDS together in an effort to save time foreveryone involved, year after year. We have found that getting the CDS up online as early in the fall aspossible and then just providing the URL as a response to surveys we receiveworks very well. Most if not all survey organizations will accept the CDSand do the data entry on their site themselves if necessary (and it often isnecessary, due to our limited staffing). Where time permits, we also try toanswer the non-CDS questions, or at least those where data are readilyavailable. However, there are certain realities that must be faced -- whensurvey deadlines and IPEDS deadlines compete, IPEDS must come first. Andfor many of us, surveys are a significant but relatively small part of ouroverall responsibilities. To query each organization as to its size, circulation, etc. seemsunnecessary and inordinately time-consuming. We all know who the majorplayers are, and I'm sure most IR offices do their very best to respond toall questionnaires from both large and small organizations as a courtesy andas time permits. Last year we answered all 600 questions on the US Newssurvey by the deadline (even though it is asking a great deal to expect IRoffices to do so) as well as completing 60 other surveys. Kudos to the surveys that provide CDS and non-CDS questions in 2 separatedocuments or sections - this makes our task much easier. There is simplynot time to skim through each survey hunting for the non-CDS questions, andwe shouldn't have to do this. Anything that can be done to make the taskeasier is well worth the investment. I have found without exception that the individuals who request surveyinformation from us are patient, helpful and courteous. I hope they realizethat when we occasionally miss deadlines and don't provide complete data, itis generally because we are juggling 10 other tasks and something has togive.BTW, our CDS is posted at http://www.oire.arizona.edu/index.php?name=Cds andany feedback on the web page, ease of use, etc. would be welcome.All best for 2007,Anna Wilkinson University Reports CoordinatorOffice of Institutional Research & EvaluationThe University of ArizonaP.O. Box 210134Tucson, AZ 85721-1034phone (520) 621-1986fax (520) 621-1807