________________________________From: Gazzola, Ruth [mailto:RGAZZOLA@ccsd.edu]Sent: Wed 9/5/2007 6:34 PMTo: Common Data SetSubject: RE: [cds] 07-08 formsWhoever is sending me Common Data Set PLEASE!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!Get me off this list. I keep getting these emails and it is time consuming to have to delete them. I am busy with my own life: I do not want to be harrassed with the CDS stuff!!! I have asked 3 times - nicely, gruffly, angrily. Must I be rude?! Thank you________________________________From: Adams, Jann [mailto:JAdams@albertson.edu]Sent: Wed 9/5/2007 3:37 PMTo: Common Data SetSubject: [cds] 07-08 formsWhen will the 07-08 CDS forms be posted? Jann Adams, Ph.D.Director, Institutional ResearchOffice: 208.459.5170 To unsubscribe send a blank email to leave-335270-188189W@cblist.org OR go to the website directly at http://www.cblist.org and make any needed changes there. Such as Digest mode, Index, Receive as Contributed or search the database for past messages by specific string of text.