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To: Common Data Set
Subject: [cds] XML and 2008-09 CDS Survey

We started an initiative a few years ago to help make dissemination of a
school's CDS responses easier on both schools and organizations
collecting the data.

Our initiative utilizes XML files to help minimize data entry, reducing
time spent completing data requests and errors resulting from typing in
data. The major advantage of XML files are that they can be processed by
a computer, and therefore eliminate the need for data entry (on either
the school or data collectors part).

Online Survey
New Users can go to:
Existing Users can go to:
We have updated our online CDS Survey to reflect this year's CDS
changes. If you complete the online survey, you will have the option of
downloading your responses in both HTML format (for posting on your own
site) or in XML format.

Adapted Excel Spreadsheet
Our Adapted Excel spreadsheet will pull your responses into a sheet
called XMLFile. All you need to do is copy the text in this XMLFile
sheet, paste it into a text file, and save the file as an XML document
(".xml" at the end of the filename).

If you decide to use the Adapted Excel Spreadsheet, you simply need to
email ( the XML file or
Adapted Excel Spreadsheet and we will pull your data into our online
survey for you.

Data Dictionary
We have also created a Data Dictionary file and made it available on our
site so that schools and organizations collecting data can map the
fields in the XML file to the CDS Survey questions. This should help all
parties fully utilize this data.

We have done our best to make this process simple and straightforward.
We are always open to suggestions on improving any part of this process.
Feel free to e-mail with any questions, comments,
or suggestions.

We hope that you seriously consider making your datasets in XML format
in the near future. Whether our format is used or another is developed,
I think it will be a major time-saver for everyone involved.


Mark Rothbaum
(800) 265-0179
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