I count all students who are categorized as "first-time freshmen" in the Admission's Module who entered in the fall or in the previous summer and returned in the fall.  I have never seen anything in the definition for IPEDS that says to exclude them.
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From time to time I get asked the following question:


Who do we have to include in our first-time in college cohort for IPEDS and the CDS?  In reply, I answer, “all degree seeking students who have not attended college since graduating from high school.”  I answer this way because it is simpler.  Granted, this includes students earning AP, CLEP, Dantes, IB or dual enrolled credit in HS.  I also included students enrolling the summer prior to the fall. 


That’s the easy part of the question.  The “sticking point” seems to be colleges who have “conditional admits” who are there for a semester to see if they can come up to institutions admission standards.  How do you handle such students?  Do you count them, or do you wait till they move from conditional admits to regular admits?


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