Ahh! One of the never ending questions although at Temple it seems that Undergraduate Admissions wants the number to be as high as possible while we and the financial people want it to reflect the enrollment as of drop/add.   To satisfy both factions Temple makes the distinction between “registered” (meaning any newly admitted student who has registered at anytime in the recruitment cycle) and “attended” (meaning the enrollment at the end of the drop/add process).  The admissions folks are happy since they can cite the “registered” as the goal of the admissions process.  The “attended” are what IR uses for IPEDS reports and as the official headcount for the semester.  It is also what the financial folks use as the basis for revenue projections/monitoring.  So you can have it both ways although there are always some who question why the difference.  As a sidebar, those who pay a tuition deposit but are not enrolled as of drop/add and especially those who had reached the registration phase are the applicants are the ones we most closely analyze with National Student Clearinghouse data (and a non-enroller survey).


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We have recently had a discussion with our admissions folks around the concept of enrollment and matriculation. Our admissions folks wait until the end of the add/drop period to say that a person is a student. Even if the student has enrolled for credits and is attending classes, if they leave before the end of add/drop, they refer to them as "melt" and don't count them as enrolled. On the other hand, the registrar's office has been counting students as enrolled when they enroll for credits. Does anyone have a clarification on this? It impacts a number of surveys. Thanks in advance.



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