Formerly of Registrar’s Office, and Institutional Research … currently supporting Enrollment Management functions… All three of me agree - After Drop-add.


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The original intent of having a "Census Date" a few weeks into the Fall Term was to have a uniform count after the drop/add period.  There is some irony in your situation because it is usually the Admissions office that prefers to count everyone and have a higher yield but the Registrar prefers to count only those enrolled after after drop/add because it can't "shuffle the paper" fast enough.  Don't your offices know their self-interest?  :-)   I'm a former Registrar:  after drop-add.

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We have recently had a discussion with our admissions folks around the concept of enrollment and matriculation. Our admissions folks wait until the end of the add/drop period to say that a person is a student. Even if the student has enrolled for credits and is attending classes, if they leave before the end of add/drop, they refer to them as "melt" and don't count them as enrolled. On the other hand, the registrar's office has been counting students as enrolled when they enroll for credits. Does anyone have a clarification on this? It impacts a number of surveys. Thanks in advance.



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