Dear Adrienne and all,

I have worked in three different institutions in Boston, Madison, and now in Honolulu; two liberal arts colleges, and one research intensive public university. The external surveys those institutions choose to participate have a lot of overlap, such as U.S news, Peterson's, College Board, ACT, Princeton review, wintergreen, etc. But there are certainly differences, depending on the geographic regions their students usually come from, there can be regional publications that are important to one institution but not to others. The specific types of programs also matter. For institutions that have a lot of online programs, they may want to dig into data to prepare for certain distance learning related surveys. When I worked for the two liberal art colleges, we never bothered to participate in international rankings. But now at the research intensive university where we need to recruit students and talents all around the world, rankings surveys become quite critical and we found ourselves spending about the same amount of time preparing for traditional U.S. surveys and for major international ranking surveys in or outside of U.S. 

For a list of major external surveys we participate, please go to this webpage and click "external surveys":
For a list of major international rankings we participate, please go to this webpage:

PS: I did notice that more and more external surveys are willing to just take a completed CDS and do their own data entry. That helps a lot with our workload, and probably it worth assessing the pros and cons of this approach?

Hope this helps :)

Yang Zhang

On Wed, Jun 24, 2015 at 4:29 AM, Tony Broh <> wrote:
The summary data will be interesting to see, but I personally am not 100 percent sure of the purpose of this email.  All of the surveys on this particular list are highly reputable, important queries that come to schools.  Some of the institutional responses may not come from an IR office (CUPA, ACRL, AAUP, etc.) and are completed elsewhere in the institution.  Is the purpose of the email to find out what IR offices do themselves or to consider which surveys are legitimate requests from third parties?   I would suggest that, regardless of whether the survey is currently being completed in an IR office or elsehere, ALL of of the requests for data ON THIS LIST SHOULD be completed by every school.  Some requests are surely nonsense - not these.

Tony Broh

On Wed, Jun 24, 2015 at 9:48 AM, Andrea Galliger <> wrote:
Hello all,

The University of Minnesota - Twin Cities responses are below in red:

  • AAUP - YES
  • ACRL (Assoc of College & Research Libraries) - Library
  • Barrons - YES
  • College Board - YES
  • CUPA - YES
  • Petersons - YES
  • Princeton Review - YES
  • US New - YES
  • Wintergreen Orchard House - YES

On Tue, Jun 23, 2015 at 11:10 AM, Adrienne Gaines <> wrote:
Quick yes/no questions regarding which "optional" third party surveys you complete:

  • AAUP
  • ACRL (Assoc of College & Research Libraries)
  • Barrons
  • College Board
  • CUPA
  • Petersons
  • Princeton Review
  • US New
  • Wintergreen Orchard House

Thank you in advance!
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