Tony's observation is important and substantially correct.  I haven't replied to the question because it is inherently ambiguous:  is it asking if the IR office fills out these surveys, or if the school does?

E.g. I don't fill out the CUPA survey.  But our HR office does fill it out.

The one small correction:  Tony suggests that all of these surveys should be completed by every school.  I've noticed that private liberal arts colleges tend not to participate in the CUPA faculty salary survey, instead relying on the AAUP survey.  And my college publicly refuses to send data to USNews.

--Mike Tamada
  Director of Institutional Research
  Reed College

From: Tony Broh <>
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2015 10:29:03 -0400

The summary data will be interesting to see, but I personally am not 100
percent sure of the purpose of this email.  All of the surveys on this
particular list are highly reputable, important queries that come to
schools.  Some of the institutional responses may not come from an IR
office (CUPA, ACRL, AAUP, etc.) and are completed elsewhere in the
institution.  Is the purpose of the email to find out what IR offices do
themselves or to consider which surveys are legitimate requests from third
parties?   I would suggest that, regardless of whether the survey is
currently being completed in an IR office or elsehere, ALL of of the
requests for data ON THIS LIST SHOULD be completed by every school.  Some
requests are surely nonsense - not these.

Tony Broh

> On Tue, Jun 23, 2015 at 11:10 AM, Adrienne Gaines <
>> wrote:
>>  Quick yes/no questions regarding which "optional" third party surveys
>> you complete:
>>    - AAUP
>>    - ACRL (Assoc of College & Research Libraries)
>>    - ACT IDQ
>>    - Barrons
>>    - College Board
>>    - CUPA
>>    - Petersons
>>    - Princeton Review
>>    - US New
>>    - Wintergreen Orchard House
>> Thank you in advance!
>> Adrienne