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Please lend any guidance re: creating categories (other than male/female/unknown) for transgender students and how they might be rolled up into those categories for reporting.
Scenario: Student A is born a male, yet chooses to identify as a female or as unknown.
Please share: 1) How you would report these students to IPEDS considering IPEDS leaves it to the institution to decide and 2) What category (ex. male/female/other or male/female/unknown) in your data collection would you use to capture this student.
Also, attached (and below) is the only guidance/FAQ I have from the IPEDS help desk:
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1)My institution has students and/or staff for which gender is unknown. Since there is no place to report "gender unknown" on the IPEDS data collection screens, how should we report these individuals?
These individuals are still to be reported to IPEDS, even though their gender is unknown. It is up to the institution to decide how best to handle reporting individuals whose gender is unknown. However, common methods used are: allocate the individuals with gender unknown based on the known distribution of men and women at the institution for either students or staff; use the individual's name to assign gender; assign gender randomly.
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