Greetings all:


I know it’s Friday and I should be home but…  How does your institution count IPEDS unduplicated headcount data for a given academic year? 


Our institution uses:  FA15 + WI16 (new, first time and transfer students) = unduplicated headcount. 


However, do you count the readmitted students who left on another academic year and returns on the academic year being reported? For example, if a student enrolled FA 13, left on December 2013, and returned WI 16, should that student be counted or not in the 2015-2016 unduplicated headcount?    Since this student was counted in FA-13, should he/she be left out of the headcount, even though he/she is enrolled for credits in the current reporting period?


The 2015-2016 glossary indicates that “unduplicated count is the sum of students enrolled for credit with each student counted only once during the reporting period, regardless of when the student enrolled. “   So, does “when the student enrolled” refer to the reporting period?


Thank you for your time.



Prof. Ana Inés Landrón Arana


Oficina de Planificación, Investigación

Institucional y Recursos Externos